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Mahirah Mukhtar
8 Disember '94

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" In a deep deep forest ,
There live two little happy life : a monkey , and a turtle .
They've been together for so long . They quarrel together , they eat together , they play together , they laugh , they cried and they have all those mashed-feelings-moments together .
The turtle loves to collect beautiful stuff from the forest . But monkey sure love to tease turtle .
The monkey always lurks the forest for food and brings them back to their home to share it with turtle .

"Oh monkey , how can I ever live without you" , says the turtle .
"Easy . Just go to town and get sold in a pet store . Your new master will feed you well I bet . Hahaha" , tease the monkey .

The turtle sighed , but she totally understand monkey's attitude because it has been a long time turtle live to digest monkey's bad attitude and anger management . Turtle always had in heart that no matter what monkey do to her , he'll always protect , find food and care for her .

"Hey turtle , I told you not to take the bananas . How many times have I tell you ! I got all the fruits I can gather , and you can have all the others but not the banana !" , Yelled the monkey .
"Monkey , I'm sorry . I thought that if I have only one , you wouldn't mind . I , urm , r-r-really sorry . I promise I won't do it again. " , said the turtle terrified of the way monkey scold her .
"Urgh whatever . Just don't do it again , ok ?! "

Turtle had always gone through a lot . She always think about what monkey have done in her life .
"Monkey has always been nice to me . He finds me food , he took care of me . But I look out to him too , and I prepare bed and comb his hair every night so he can go to bed . But he always scolds me like I've never done anything right for him . Hmm" But she was so calm , and never were to move away from monkey . In fact she insisted on changing herself so she can live with monkey without any problems .

Untill one day.....

"(Yawns) Morning already ? I'm too lazy to wake up . Well . Hey turtle ! Turtle ! Turtle ? Hm , where can she be . Hey what's this ? Oh a note . 'I'm out for a swim at the river for a while , be back soon' . Oh well , I guess I have to eat by myself ."
As the monkey gets up from bed , he searches the foods at the food bin , when he realised...
"Where , is , MY , BANANA !" Monkey yelled ferociously .

"Lalalala~" turtle didn't realised that the monkey was angry of her . Coincidently she was on her way home , and she brought something from the forest , a heart-shaped leaf she crafted earlier to make a card for monkey .
"Hye monkey! Look what I made for you ." , she flashed the leaf to monkey happily without realising how angry monkey is .
"You took my banana again , didn't you?!" , monkey asked raising his voice to turtle .
"But I...."
"How many times have I told you not , to take , THE BANANA !" , monkey continues before turtle even got a chance to say a word , and he took the leaf and tore it to pieces and smashed them on the floor in front of turtle . How crushed turtle's heart is that time .
"Now I have to go back in the forest and collect bananas for me while you're having fun eating and relaxing ! URGH !" , the monkey then just swooshed outside looking for food , leaving turtle alone just like that , crying , sitting there on the floor holding the torn leaves .

Later that evening...

"Fuhhh , what a day . And what a catch !" as he brought back a sack of fruits with him .
"Hey turtle ! Come on and eat up , I have your favouritessss ! Turtle ? Where could she be . Hurmmm" , monkey wondered .
He tried searching for turtle .
"Turtleeeee ! Turrrtleeeeeeeee ! Hey turtle , where areee youuuuuu ?"
He searched in the river , he searched beneath rocks , he searched from on top of a tree , he dived underwater .
"Turtleeeeee ! Come on , I've already forgiven you . Let's eat , I'm hungry ! But I wanted to eat with you . Turrtttlleeeeeeeee "  , seek the monkey . But turtle was nowhere to be found . After hours of search , he went back home .

"Hurm , maybe turtle is mad at me because I scolded her earlier . Never mind , she'll get over with in no time soon . Wait , what's this ?" , monkey found a note on his bed that says:
"Dear monkey ,
      By the time you got this note , I'm already gone . I just wanted to remind you that last night you woke up hungry and ate all the bananas in the storage . I tried to tell you but I didn't have the chance . And I wanted to say it's been nice living with you . You fed me , you took care of me . It was so nice . But I just wanted to be alone now and live far far apart . Because all I could do is to make you angry . It's not that I can't live with it but I'm tired . The card I made was for our on-going fourth year of knowing each other , but you tore it apart . I felt as if you tore apart my heart . I'm so sad of what you did . I'm sorry , monkey . I truly am . And thank you so much for the wonderful time we had together . Yes , wonderful . Goodbye monkey .

Sincerely ,

p/s : I got you a bunch of bananas in the storage as a token of repayment for making you mad this morning "

Monkey was so shocked , he panicked around the house and jumps up and down crying .
"Turtlleeeeee ! I'm sorry ! I truly am sorry ! Please , I beg you . Come back and forgive me and stay with me again ! Pleaseee !" , cried monkey .
He realised that how much he cried won't help getting turtle back . He regreted so much . He thought that he should've asked properly and spoke softly to turtle . He realised that he has broke turtle's hard so badly ever since they've known each other .

Monkey took the pieces of the leaf and tries to put them back together . The letter says
"Hey monkey! Although you're free roaming the forest , although you're so into teasing me, although you're not mine , I'll always be here for you to seek, I'll keep on cheering you up when you're sad and when you're mad , and I'm always yours no matter what! Promise! xoxo"

If you have a heart that you need to keep , keep it well and don't ever tear it apart ; or you'll lose them that actually are keeping yours well .

Silly monkey .
Yeah , silly monkey ;')

A - Mye "

to be your turtle for the rest of your life , may I ? I promise , I won't leave .